Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 13, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Tip for Cleaning Shower Walls and Doors
Shower walls and shower doors are notoriously difficult to keep clean. But here’s how to effectively clean any shower: Buy soap-dispensing dish scrubber and fill it with white vinegar, and half grease-cutting dish detergent, like Dawn. Then, simply scrub the surface to remove soap scum, caked-on dirt and water spots. Finish by wiping the shower dry with a cotton cloth or paper towel.

Hour 1

Dennis in TN
Do you know of any products or home remedies to get sulfur water stains off of tubs, toilets and sinks?
Diane in NY
We live in a manufactured home on a slab. We want to put a backsplash in kitchen, but what is the best way to adhere it since the walls probably move? I saw you on your show using double stick adhesive sheets or mortar to adhere ceramic tile sheets. Would either work for this application?
Michael in CA
I put a polyurethane coat on a cement table that has stone inlays. Put one coat on, it looked fantastic. Let it dry, put another coat on about 6:30 at night. I guess the moisture got in and now it just looks like one big cloudy mess. So my question is, how do I get the polyurethane off without ruining the stone table?
Todd in WI
Is there an easy way to stop the round plastic cover on our exterior bath bent fan from freezing shut on these extremely cold days? I did rub some wax around its shroud and inside the covers and it at may have helped. These vents are located on the west side of my house and a lot of wind does come from that direction. I was listening to your show last weekend and a lady had a similar question with a dryer vent freezing up. Do I need to go up into my attic and insulate the pipe too? My house is very well insulated, and I would have thought the guys I had do this would have protected this as well?
Mary in IA
My bathroom floor tiles are cracked, but only around the base of the toilet. And it appears that the tiles are sinking into the floor. What is happening and how can I repair the tiles? Thanks, we love your show!
Susan in VA
Somehow my ceramic cooktop has gotten scratched, and it really bothers me!! I’ve been so careful in cleaning and maintaining the cooktop, and now this. The scratch is about an inch long. Is there anything I can do to make the scratch less obvious?

Hour 2

Maggie in AL
A few slate tiles in our bathroom need to be sealed again due to wear. Can this be accomplished without stripping the whole floor?
Brenda in OK
I have a small house with limited storage. The water heater is inside the house, part of which was the garage that was converted 50 years ago. I want to free up space by either getting a tankless water heater or move the existing water heater into the attic. Aside from the initial cost to go tankless, which is better?
Peggy in FL
We need to paint our galvanized tin awning. What’s the best way to pre-treat it so that it will hold up outside?
Pauline in WA
We have a corrugated poly carbonized roof for an un-enclosed tree house. Condensation gathers on the underside and drips, defeating the purpose of a roof. How can we prevent this? Unfortunately we live in a cold damp place where it rains a lot.
Bob in NC
I have a crack that runs the length of an exterior masonry windowsill. Can you recommend a product to seal it?
Teri in IL
After installing a new bamboo floor in our kitchen, we built an island with a quartz countertop. It’s a pretty heavy island, but we want to be able to move it when entertaining larg groups. What would you suggest we put under the island so we can move it without damaging the new floor? Is this even realistic? We know rolling casters are out.


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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 13, 2018