Wall & Ceiling Repair

How to Repair Cracks in Stucco

Stucco damage is inevitable. Fortunately, you can repair and seal these cracks and holes.

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Ryobi Drywall Repair Kit

This drywall repair kit from Ryobi is perfect for repairing holes caused by door knobs going through the wall. It comes with everything you need to complete the repair. It is available at The Home Depot.

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Danny Lipford installing a ceiling medallion.

How to Install a Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion

Installing a ceiling medallion is an easy DIY project and a great way to dress up a room. Watch this video to find out how to install a ceiling medallion in your home.

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Spraying ceiling with texture in a can.

Repairing Orange Peel Wall Texture and Popcorn Ceilings

When repairing textured walls or ceilings, it can be hard to match the existing orange peel or popcorn textured finish. Watch this video to find out how.

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Danny Lipford using nail gun to framing up an interior wall.

How to Build a Non-Load Bearing Interior Wall

Find out how to divide one room in your house into two by constructing a non-load bearing interior wall in your home. Watch this video to find out more.

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Using a cordless drill to attach drywall screws to drywall wall.

Repairing Protruding Nails in Drywall

Nails in drywall can work their way out over time, causing unsightly bumps on walls. Watch this video to find out how to fix popped nails in drywall.

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Danny Lipford using joint compound to repair cracks in yellow wall.

How to Repair Cracks and Dents in Drywall

Find out how to fix cracks and other flaws in drywall walls using joint compound and drywall tape. Watch this video to find out more.

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Homax wall and ceiling spray texture in a can.

Easy to Use Texture Products for Patching Walls and Ceilings

Watch this video to find out about spray wall and ceiling texture products that are easy to use and can be adjusted to match different types of texture from orange peel to popcorn ceilings.

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