Lawn Care

June bug

How to Control Green June Beetles

The best time to control adult beetles is in the summer when they’re most active. Here’s what to do.

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Why You Have a Yard Full of Clover

There’s a patch of clover in my parents’ yard that has been there as long as I can remember and is legendary for producing four-leaf clovers. However, if you’re not so fond of clover in your lawn, read on to find out what you need to know about why clover grows and how to discourage it.

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How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Moles can cause damage to lawns, but there are steps you can take to reduce the problem.

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Formula Packs Plant Nutrition & Garden Soil

Miracle-Gro packs everything you need in one bag: soil, fertilizer and compost!

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Reach Farther & Cut More with This Hedge Trimmer

Mature shrubs often have branches that are too thick to cut — but RYOBI’s hedge trimmer gets the job done.

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Danny Lipford standing on deck

Tips to Enjoy Outdoor Living at its Finest

To match a nice deck, you need a great view — and the lawn maintenance tools to make that possible. Here’s how to enjoy outdoor living at its finest.

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Composite decking and steel tine rake

Deck & Yard Maintenance Tips to Enjoy Outdoor Living

Your home doesn’t end with your back door — it extends to your backyard. So, it’s important to maintain the outside of your home just as you do the inside. Here are some chores you can tackle to enjoy outdoor living at its finest. Deck Maintenance Decks, for many homes, are the hub for outdoor […]

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Joe Truini root remove

A Simple Tool to Remove Roots

Joe Truini shares a Simple Solution for removing roots in your yard.

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