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Formula Packs Plant Nutrition & Garden Soil

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Vegetable garden

The Advantages of Raised Garden Bed Kits

No green thumb? Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, raised garden bed kits make everything easier!

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Survey land

How to Find Your Property Lines

Installing a fence or adding landscaping? Then knowing your property’s boundaries is a must. Here’s how to find your property lines.

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Reach Farther & Cut More with This Hedge Trimmer

Mature shrubs often have branches that are too thick to cut — but RYOBI’s hedge trimmer gets the job done.

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8 Tips for Choosing and Growing Houseplants

Growing houseplants is a great way to start gardening while enhancing the beauty of your home. Like any other gardening endeavor, indoor gardens can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Here are some general guidelines to help get you started.

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How to Grow Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas enhance landscape borders, and their blossoms are beautiful as cut or dried flowers. Here are tips for growing this eye-catching plant in your yard.

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Completed picnic table drink trough full of drinks.

How to Make a Drink Trough for a Picnic Table

Here’s a lifehack for your picnic table: modify it to cool and serve drinks!

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How to Upcycle a Colander into a Hanging Planter

You see an old colander — we see a front-porch planter. Here’s how to make it!

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