Interior Home Improvement

What to Consider When Installing Pocket Doors in Your Home

When installing pocket doors in your home there are a few things you should take into account like planning ahead, buying good quality hardware, and allowing room and support for the pocket door frame. Watch this video to find out more. Learn More »

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How to Hang Sliding Doors

Sliding door hardware can be used on almost any style of door. Here’s how to install these popular “barn” doors.

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applying window film

3 Must-Dos to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

Here are Danny’s must-dos to keep your home running smoothly — and save a little money — during cold weather.

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This Ladder Offers Great Stability and a Useful Flip Tray

Gorilla has a new hybrid project ladder that features a wider footprint on the steps to offer greater stability.

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3 Common Issues with Central AC Units — and DIY Fixes

Central AC units are a convenient option for bigger homes. Find out about the common issues and DIY fixes of these units.

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Do It! How to Properly Paint Cabinets

Here are Danny’s tips for properly painting cabinets — the key is preparation.

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How to Stop a Closed Door from Rattling

Follow Joe’s advice to stop a door from rattling when it’s closed.

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Ductless Air Conditioning: The Right Choice for Your Home?

Ductless split air conditioning systems are easier and more affordable to install than central AC, but are they right for your home? Here’s what you should know.

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