Crawl Space

Danny Lipford installing foam insulation on water pipe in crawlspace under house.

How to Insulate Water Pipes to Prevent Freezing

Watch this video for tips on how to insulate water pipes and keep them from freezing during cold winter weather.

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What You Need to Know About Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes, an expensive problem. It’s best to take steps to prevent pipes from freezing.

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How to Add Brick Foundation Vents to Crawl Space

Adequate crawl space ventilation is important to the health of a home. Here’s how to add new vents to a brick foundation.

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Danny Lipford outside house with perimeter insecticide.

How to Keep Insect Pests Out of Your Home

There are a number of ways to prevent insects from making their way inside your home, including sealing up holes, repairing leaks, and applying a barrier insecticide. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford next to crawlspace under house.

Insulating Floors Over a Crawl Space

Watch this video to find out whether to insulate the crawl space under your home, and how to go about it if you do.

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Hole cut in plywood subfloor for bathtub drain.

How to Seal a Tub Drain Hole Under a House

Watch this video to find out how to seal up a hole cut for a tub drain pipe under a house using metal flashing.

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Danny Lipford spreading plastic in crawlspace under house.

Tips on How to Prevent Wood Floors from Buckling

Buckled or cupped wood floors are often caused by ground moisture from the crawlspace under your home. Watch this video for tips on how to solve the problem.

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Weep hole in brick wall

Sealing Weep Holes in Brick Walls

Weep holes in brick walls shouldn’t be filled with solid material, since they allow moisture to drain and air to circulate, but you can insert strips of screen wire or scouring pad into the cracks to keep insects out. Watch this video to find out more.

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