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paddle ceiling fan

4 Tips to Have a Cool, Summer-Ready Home

You can expect two things each summer: climbing temperatures and high cooling bills. There’s nothing you can do about the sun, but you can cut energy bills with these simple changes. Learn More »

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Adirondack chairs

July Lawn & Garden To-Do List

How does your garden grow? If it needs some help, check out our July to-do list!

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Install outdoor tile

How to Install Tile on a Concrete Porch or Patio

Want to tile a concrete patio or porch, but wonder how that differs with indoor tile installation? Here’s everything you need to know about the process!

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clean barbecue grill

How to Clean a Grill Using Aluminum Foil and Vinegar

Find out a simple way to clean the cooking surface on a barbecue grill by spraying the grill with vinegar, then scrubbing with aluminum foil.

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5 Must-Have Tools for Construction Projects

Always keep these ‘essentials’ in your toolbox.

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water leak

4 Signs That Your Home Has Plumbing Leaks

Leaky pipes lead to big utility bills — that’s why regular inspections are necessary. Here are 4 signs that you definitely have a plumbing leak.

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Fast-setting and standard concrete

Fast-Setting or Standard Concrete: How to Decide

Should you use fast-setting or standard concrete? The answer depends on your project. Follow this guide and decide!

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Chelsea pressure washes the patio

3 Tips to Lengthen Your Concrete Patio’s Life

A concrete patio is beautiful and durable, but regular maintenance strengthens the surface and lengthens its life. Here are 3 tips to protect your patio.

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