Danny’s Fowl River Project


My Fowl River Project is all about doing something I have wanted to do for years: build a fun, family-friendly home.

It will take me about a year to complete this project, which will include my new house, a cool boathouse, my storage building/shop that I call my “Toy Barn,” and a relocated/renovated small log cabin that my father built for me and my brother 53 years ago.

No matter how hard the work is or how tough all the decisions are, I am determined to have a lot of fun putting all the pieces together.

I’ll be capturing the entire process on my trusty cell phone and selfie stick and posting all the videos here on this blog.

I hope you will follow along, leave comments and watch it all come together!


1. Welcome to the Fowl River Project

The first step in building my home on Fowl River is to find the right piece of dirt. It took a while but I found what I think is the perfect lot. I had a few trees to cut down and burn, BUT one tree, a big fat cedar may end up inside my house after I take it to a sawmill.

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