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Main Office / Television and Radio Production

75 Midtown Park East
Mobile, AL 36606
(251) 478-3345 Phone
(251) 476-3325 Fax
[email protected]

Ask Home Improvement Questions

Question Hotline: (800) 946-4420

Ask Questions Online:

Email Questions: [email protected]

To have your house considered for our TV show

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Website and Social Media

Thomas Boni
(251) 478-3345, ext. 109
[email protected]

Public Relations

Stephanie Greenwood
Office: (251) 478-3345, ext. 110
Mobile: (251) 401-7535
[email protected]

Advertising Sales

Tiffany Burtnett
Office: (434) 205-4660
Mobile: (251) 348-2568
[email protected]

Radio Syndication

Amy Dodsworth
(251) 478-3345, ext. 103
[email protected]

Radio Editorial

Amy Dodsworth
(251) 478-3345, ext. 103
[email protected]

TV Syndication

Scott Basilotta
(516) 668-5313
[email protected]

TV Editorial

Scott Gardner
(251) 478-3345, ext. 111
[email protected]

3 Echoes Video Production

Chad Kirtland
(251) 478-3345, ext. 113
[email protected]