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Interior Home Improvement

How to Repair an Extension Cord for Less than $4

Repairing an extension cord could cost less than $4. Chelsea explains in her latest blog. Learn More »

Latest in Interior Home Improvement

The 9-to-5er’s Guide to Keeping the Home Clean

Working hard is important, but you should never be too tired to clean your house! Here’s how 9-to-5ers can keep things tidy.

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DIY Treatment Turns Trashed Table into Treasure

“Today’s Homeowner” co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf embellishes an old table for a new look in this webisode of “Checking In With Chelsea.”

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927 Ryobi compact blower

This Compact Blower is Perfect for Your Workshop

Ryobi’s One+ Compact Blower comes in handy in your workshop, garage or basement.

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Summer Tips for Comfortable Living

Summertime offers more opportunities to enjoy the Great Outdoors, but before you have some fun in the sun, you need to make sure your home is ready for the season.

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Simple Solution picture wire

Braided Picture Wire Too Expensive? Make Your Own!

You can make picture wire with everyday household items including a power drill, galvanized wire and a nail.

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This Surge Protector is Flexible and USB Compatible

Some devices’ plugs are too bulky for a typical power strip. Globe’s Flexigon can twist to prevent any one plug from overtaking an extra outlet.

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Hole Saw Tip: How to Prevent Stuck Wood Plugs

Do wood plugs get stuck in your hole saw? Joe has a Simple Solution for that problem.

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