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Fix damaged porch railing

How to Repair a Damaged Wood Porch Railing

Here’s a simple way to repair a damaged wood porch rail using a couple of plywood forms, clamps, and some auto body filler. Learn More »

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How to Build and Install a Window Box

Want to really wow guests and show off your green thumb? Build this window box!

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Barberton daisy

August Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Whether you’re in cooler climates preparing for autumn, or warmer ones enjoying the height of your garden’s bounty, tackle these tasks around your yard and garden.

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Whitewashed bedside table

How to Whitewash a Side Table

Working with unfinished wood furniture is great because it’s usually more affordable, for one thing, and it’s easy to whitewash.

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Garage makeover

5 Ways to Refresh Your Garage

A garage is much more than a place to park your car. Here’s how to keep it clean, organized and attractive.

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Give Your Garage Door a Faux-Wood Finish

Want to completely transform your garage door? Watch how easy it is to give it a faux-wood finish!

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5 Garage Flooring Ideas to Match Your Style

Converting a garage into a living space is a popular project these days. But whether you do that, or just want to give this space some style, it’s important to give some thought about how you want the space laid out. First, consider the flooring. Your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom all have a […]

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Kitchen renovation

Completing a Kitchen After 20 Years

The Estes family has lived in their home for 20 years and finally has time to focus on a kitchen renovation — and we’re here to guide that project along!

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